R U An Antelope Quiz

If you have not spent any time at the AthensGaBicycling.com web site, you may be wondering what is this Antelope stuff all about? AthensGaBicycling.com, the brain child of Joe Fox and Ken Sherman is an information clearing house for cycling in the area, and the Google ride calendar makes finding a local ride simple. To help people decided if a ride right for them, AGB created 4 classes of ride:

Cheetah=19+ mph
Antelope=17 to 19 mph
Gazelle=14 to 17 mph
Coyote=11 to 14 mph

Over time, we have discovered that there is more than average speed to traveling with a pack, herd, pride, or girth. So here's a quiz to help you identify if the Antelope Fall Classic, beginning this Wednesday  is right for you.