Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Ride report is up now in new improved pdf format, just click below

Monday, May 14, 2012

Noting left but the champagne?

In true grand tour fashion we approach the final stage with the winners all but declared.  With an average on his 6 best stages of 5 points (!!), it looks like even JeffY's magical VIP points cannot put him into contention. The Antelope Prince MarkY would need to score 16 points this Wednesday to tie big Dan and despite back channel communications Marky appears unlikely to bribe his way to the title. Jonesy is finding his sprint form lately especially on Bishop, but a slow start kept him behind the series leaders.  The Caribou was monstrous when he could get to the ride, but alas, responsibilities off the bike... Valoree again retains the distinction of Antelope Queen fending off tough but inconsistent challenges from the Olympian and Molly "the Pink Rocket. "

Last Wed results

Elder Mill: MarkY, Bruce, Dan

Bishop: Jonesy, JeffY, DanH
(no ladies points, only one lady)

Come help us celebrate with a parade race this Wednesday followed by drinks and food at Chops and Hops.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stage 8

A brisk tempo, 24 sign ins, and Big Dan staying on top. JeffY showing what he's made of  and Jonesy still has balls. Welcome to the pack Kelley M, PeteB and William V

Elder Mill
--Bob, Dan, Jeff
--Jonesy, Dan, Jeff

--not sure, Ladies don't seem to want to report anyone there victories

Bob's podium was accidental, he was trying to lead out the antelopes but they just couldn't hang on his wheel, he jammed on the brakes but was so far ahead he still crossed the finish line first.  That's why I don't try to lead out the antelopes on Elder Mill, just afraid that once I get going I won't be able to stop quick enough to avoid winning. Fortunately for Max Reps aka Timmeh, his upper body strength allows him to brake with greater force then the rest of the Min Rep herd avoiding accidental podiums

Dan awarded a point for wearing the leader's jersey to the ride, unfortunately he lost a point by starting the ride out too fast.

Jonesy awarded 26 points for  trying to qualify for the ProAm at Twilight, unfortunately he lost 27 points for blaming his wheels (too light)  for not qualifying. Fortunately he was also awarded one point for blaming his wheels for not qualifying.

Max Reps awarded 3 points for qualifying for Twilight ProAm--Way to go Max!

BradP awarded 3 points for most improved pedal stroke and pack manners

Liviu the Romanian Rocket awarded 3 points for best nerve block on an Antelope under anesthesia (may be eligible for additional a priori points pending additional herd members going under the knife/scope).

Evan F awarded 3 points for being fastet medical doctor over the age of 50 not named Chris.

Todd H awarded 1 pre-emptive point for outstanding future anesthesia on an Antelope herd commissioner

Bethany G awarded 1 point for managing to keep her hands of her cute boyfriend in the parking lot.

2 more Wednesdays to go of the series. After 5/16 we celebrate at Chops and Hops after the ride (bring some shorts to change into).