Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stages 2 and 3

April 4: Pack=24 strong

The Day of the Ironwoman--Val does the double taking the queen sprint at Elder Mill and Bishop. Molly vows revenge for Bishop.

Men's sprint: Elder
Jonesy 3
JeffY 2
Dan  1
Massive chase point: Liviu 1 point

Men's sprint, bishop
Jake 3
JeffY 2
Dan H 1

Fashion Point: Jack "Bad to The" Bone:
Sorry Ladies, I'm spoken for

Stage 3:
27 sign in!
Antelope Status clarified, Dan Hall reveals horns, cheetahs keep the antelopes safe.

Friendly cheetahs Frank the Tank and Bill Boonen taking care of wayward antelopes

Queen challenge:
Oh my god that Nina can climb
Nina 2 points
Val 1 point

OMG that Molly can sprint, revenge on Val complete
Molly 2 points
Nina  1 point

Unfortunately love has made Bethany slow. But she has love.

King challenge
DanY 3 points
Caribou 2
JohnB  1

Marky  3
Dan  2
Caribou  1

Bringin da beer point: Bill "Boonen"

Mad safety and fun rules this edition of the Cup.
DanH owns the lead and will don the vaunted zebra jersey
Val hangs onto queen lead

Enjoy some pictures, they are Mark's favorites

Hang on to this signature, it will be worth a lot one day.

Need my crown back

I got your lantern rouge right here

Romanians are strong.

Hmmm, 2012, a good year for gatorade.
Love hasn't made us slow

I*s he taking our picture, oh shit
Mr. Baby decides not to ride this week.

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