Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cue the Stripper Music: Stage 4

Where were you when Dan got naked to prove his love for all things Antelope? It was cloudy and cool on Wednesday but the weather people figured out by 5pm that rain wasn't going to happen.  A stalwart pack of 6 riders braved the 59 degree temps, risking their antlers on the dry roads and mild temperatures. Double participation points for hard men of post winter-mid spring who brave seasonal temperatures!

Charlie Caribou

Where were you? You missed the unveiling of the leader's jersey. Literally days of racing history rides on the shoulders of this unique wildlife themed short sleeve full zip apparel. It was designed by the far less well known but uberly talented Zebulon Hincapie, also known as "the other, other brother (from a different mother)."

The clouds parted just a little bit to create streaming sunshine spotlight on this radiant racing relic. Or was that just the locals with their flashlights waiting for the dance.

Cue the stripper music.

Current leader DanH bared all and we captured this historical moment.
boom shalalaka boom shakalakah

I hope my nipple tape doesn't show through this jersey

I am the Antelope King! I can do anything!

There is little else to add but the results
Elder MIll
Mark--2 pts
Dan--1 pts

Mark's second came despite a massive lead out worthy of an additional point.
Among the coveted master's division (46 and older) yours truly devastated the older half of the pack taking the Old Man point.

Dan  3 pts
Charlie 2 pts
Troy 1 pt

Once again Mark did a massive lead out garnering an extra point. Troy's third gets doubled for his leading of the single speed category. This time Tony D outkicked Kogan for the master's point. good job TonyD.

Tomorrow is Stage 5 of 8. See you there.

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  1. "Midwinter spring is its own season/ sempiternal though sodden toward sundown."