Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jonesy (and his balls) seeing Yellow

With only one stage left in the 2nd Annual Antelope Fall Classic I sent the intrepid reporter, Antelope Albert to do an interview with the current series leader, Jonesy. Unfortunately, Jonesy was unwilling to give a statement. His balls, however, were willing to go on the record.

You want me to talk to balls? I may be intrepid but I'm not that intrepid.
Antelope Albert recorded this quote.

I've been hanging pretty low all series. I knew the crown was in the "bag" you know, heh, heh

After a feisty late season stage that saw Turbo make a late rally for the crown, at the end of the day and with Turbo reportedly out for next week, the crown may now be out of reach.

Elder Mill: Turbo, Charlie, Dan
Bishop: Jonesy, Turbo, Dan

Jonesy comes into Stage 8 with 28 points, followed by Turbo (22 points), and  DanH (17). Even with a special double points finale Jonesy and his ball will be hard to catch. If Jonesy is off both podiums and DanH does a double, he could win. that of course, will take a mighty set of ...
Come on doofus, we need to focus, we can still win

Val will likely the Antelope Queen crown after a dominating performance earning 8 points to Molly and Nina's 3.
I am IRONWOMAN. I may not be superfast but I'm steady

Next week is the final stage. We will abbreviate the ride a bit more to beat the darkness but will start at 5:45. After the ride, join the herd for coronation at Chops and Hops in downtown Watkinsville.


  1. starting at 3:45? I'll be leaving town on Wednesday, so I'll give an early congrats to the top podium holders in both classes. Have a good one; make it interesting, Dan!

  2. Ooops, should be 5:45. I've fixed it,

  3. Much like any caribou searching for lichen - I am looking for my 2 sprint points from last week!

  4. Where is the last post?????????