Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stage 8: Rapid Posting

Although I could not get on the podium tonight I have defeated the forces of procrastination and intertia, posting results and a report on the very night of Stage 8's ride. Stage 8 saw some new friends and old joining the herd which was 25 strong! Dan the nutrionist is killing it old school riding with clips on a steel bike.  New herd members Dean and Nick C rode strong.  Everyone had a great time and a  smooth ride except for Reverend Lenny who is still upset that he wasn't raptured last Saturday. Jack "Bad 2 the" Bone got tired of whipping up on the Bostwick  Monday nighters and finally made a ride. Jack has been terrorizing the Cat 5 Crit circuit. Not just with great riding, but he sneaks up on people wearing masks.

With spring turning to summer the Elder Mill breakaway has suddently gotten fast and brutal. My days of wheelsucking the lead group on Elder Mill appear to be over. These dudes are in shape.  Blasting off on the steepest part of the hill the select group is putting a serious gap on everyone. The usual suspects: Ben, Dan, and Mark were joined by  Tim J.  Ben started the aggression but looked like he might be out of it when dropped his chain.  Thin Daddy recovered, though, speeding past me and Dean, flying across the gap, joining the lead group and crushing them at the finish line. Now I'm not saying that the fact that Ben's wife is in Europe is leading to pent up or perhaps extra energy on the bike, but that boy was flying. Dan took second followed by Tim. 

Bishop was fast and fun with a big group jockeying for position and filling gaps towards the end. It  looked like Roberto and Dan had a small gap on Tony whose wheel I was following. I am trying to chase down the gap when Jonesy comes spinning by, winks, and says, "I got this one." Beat Roberto at the line by a wheel length. Dan took third.

With another dominating performance Dan forges into the leader's jersey with 28 points.

There are 2 stages left. We will take the best 8 stages to crown the king. Plan on hanging around after the ride on Wed, June 8th for a beer at chops and hops and the coronation of Antelope World Cup King of the Herd.

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