Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stage 7: Dan Duz De Double

They said it couldn't be done. No Antelope could possibly take both the Elder Mill and Bishop sprint zones. They were wrong.

Big Dan Hall, got the message, be the guy in front at the line, not a mile before. Following Dan up vomitron hill were Mark then Jeff.  Mike Kempf and Ben took second and third at Bishop.

Unfortunately we had to award a Purple Hoof point to Bethany who decided to have some asphalt for supper. She was a nimble trooper, though, elegantly rolling with her bike to avoid too much damage. This goes to show that the years she spent alligator wrestling were not wasted on her current bike career. She went down on Astondale due to a wheel overlap but popped back up with a look of grm determination, It looked something like this:

That didn't hurt, let's keep riding!
Although Bethany was a trooper, Joe Fox couldn't stop crying. The sound of aluminum on asphalt just has that effect on him, 20 feet in front of the crash, Tony also had a sympathy pang and decided launch into a nearby ditch. Both Joe and Tony were alright thought.

With Dan's stunning double he forges into a tie with the King for the GC lead. Unfortunately the King has some tough family business to attend to and may not be able to defend his title. Our best to you King!

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