Friday, May 6, 2011

Stage 5: A cheetah festival

Stage 5 saw a host of Cheetahs joining the herd to play. Bill Bray, Matty "Ice" Karzen, Doc Moye, joined our token cheetah lil' Cappy to give the Antelope Elite something to think about for the future and made sure the pace was blistering despite a stiff head wind.

For the first time, we have actual footage of the carnage on Elder Mill Hill. Please make sure you are sitting down cause this is exciting.

Thin Daddy was the only antelope not to get ridden off of Matty Ice and Lil Cappy's wheels to take the line by a mile. 8 seconds later...

Marky huffed and puffed his way to second just as my hot wife's camera died. so I don't have footage of JeffY taking third.

My pictures didn't turn out so well at the Bishop sprint. The Cheetahs had a little sprint of their own as I saw several Hub kits flashing by first followed by the Antelope podium: Jonesy, Jeff, and Ben.

Ride was speed was just over 20 (23.4 on MarkY's computer). Extra points to the Reverend for coming in with the group despite a torrid pace, Val for the queen of the day, Matty Ice and Lil Cappy for pace setting, and Doc Moye for being a force of nature.

The King holds onto the series lead followed by Thin Daddy and Jonesy.

Tomorrow don't forget to Tame the Lion, the Oconee Metric Century. I'll be on the trail in a 6 hour death duel with my arch nemesis,  Yao, the computer programmer from ATL. Only one of us will survive.

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