Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Antelope World Cup, the King is King

Two ride reports behind. What a lousy blog! What has happened to it? I sat the blog down at the kitchen table over some general  mills international coffee to really get at its inner feelings

Me: so blog, what is going with you? You just haven’t been productive lately?
Blog: I don’t know man, its just hard to get started? Once I start I ‘m OK but sometimes I just can’t going?
Me: Hmmmm, it sounds like you are depressed.
Blog: Not really, I feel as cheerful as ever, the rides are great, I have ideas,  even pictures to caption….
Me: You were really going strong this winter “
Blog: I was, ride reporting was just awesome, I had a web presence and everything
Me: You know maybe with all of the winter blogs you peaked too early in the season
Blog: You think so?
Me: Definitely, you are just over trained, you need to relax and take the pressure off of yourself
Blog: Wow,  that sounds gtreat
Me: Ok , so for the rest of the spring, just brief reports and update the stats, save your  lame  attempts at humor
Blog: What do you mean lame?

April 20--20+average (22 on Mark's computer)
Elder Mill: Ben, Jeff, Mark
Bishop: Jonesy, Dan, Jeff
KenS-personal record, 20+ average!
Bethany "being Bethany"

April 27--20+average (22.5 on Mark's computer)
Elder Mill: Jeff, mark, Ben
Bishop: Jonesy, Dan, Jeff
Lil'Cappy--monstrous pulls into the wind, cracked 5 strong riders on one long pull

JeffY-"The King" leads the series with 15 points.

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