Monday, March 14, 2011

Antelope World Cup Dates Announced!

Like a distant storm, a migrating cycling militia, elegant and powerful, the tarmac yearns as the Antelope Herd thunders through the country side
This Time Its Serious

Wednesdays, 6PM
Watkinsville Courthouse
27 miles, 2 sprint zones
April 6TH- June 1st

The Antelope World Cup is a weekly series of good natured, safety conscious, and competitive group rides that grew out of the Wednesday night courthouse blast. The AWC commissioner tallies points for riders who:
--   Sign in (1 point)
--  Win (3 points), place (2 points), or show (1 point)  in one of two sprint zones
-- Demonstrate outstanding bravery, courtesy, or bonhomme
--Sport sartorial disaster.
Cat3 men/Cat2 women and faster are welcome to participate but can’t win podium points. Riders’ top points in 7 of the 9 rides are tallied to determine the Antelope King and Queen. Coronation occurs at Chops and Hops after the ride on June 1st.

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