Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ROTY and the SWAG

Its time for that classic sitcom, ROTY and the SWAG the hilarious exploits of a middle aged bricklayer who dreams of cycling glory but keeps waking up in a decrepit, hairy body that maxes out somewhere under 300 watts of cycling power.

Actually ROTY is my awesome accomplishment of the Winter. I learned straight from the WBL website that I and two other zealots had earned Rookie of the Year, honors.


I have carefully removed my real name so that the "man" at the bricklaying factory cannot connect me to this blog.

I couldn't sleep the other night and saw this posted at about 1AM. I immediately shook my sleeping hot wife, "Huni, huni!" I said, "I am ROTY, I am ROTY!" to which she mumbled, "you're always ROTY, go to sleep, maybe in the morning." Not getting any love or attention there, I called my Mom.

Mom: (sleepily) Hello
AA: Mom its me
Mom: Antelope? Is everything all right?
AA: I'm great, I just called to tell you that I am ROTY of the WBL!
Mom: You're what?
AA: I'm ROTY! You know, rookie of the year! Riding with the Cheetahs.
Mom: (silence)
AA: Mom are you there?
Mom: You woke me up to tell me some cycling thing?
AA: Yeh, isn't that great?
Mom: (click)

I wasn't even able to tell her the other big news. On last Satuirday's ride I got extra pointage for my heroic chase:

A man and his bicycle, oh the places we will go. What once was a quiet and unremarkable existence has been transformed into a universe of celebrity encompassing my imagination and the adoration of at least one of our housecats.  In the 60's we learned that  the personal was political. In the teens, we have learned that the truly unremarkable can pretend to be famous. Oh to be alive in this age! I also want to put up the final documentary evidence that I did make it in with the group last Saturday and was in the picture.

I know its kind of hard to see me. Below I have blown up just my face. It was a pretty tough chase and I may not have looked my best.

Must be in picture...
With my second place in the DirtySpokes 6 hour race, this has been a month of palmares.  For 6 hours of racing, aside from the potential shame of being a sandbagger, sore joints, and dehydration,  I won some SWAG. If you were wondering, SWAG stands for "souvenirs, wearables and gifts," or "stuff we all get" or "scientific wild ass guess." What comes in beginner 2nd place swag bag? Two samples of chamois butt'r,  a coupon for 15% off some bike grips, two samples of electorlyte drink powder, and a pretty sqweet 9er t-shirt that says pedal dammit.
  Oh yes, and I got a Chainbuster medal and a  beer glass, If I keep training hard and getting on that podium, the Antelope Athens family could be entertaining guests with a complete set of 6 Chainbuster authentic beer tumblers. Sweet.

But I don't want to get ahead of myself. There are many weeks of tough training ahead to make sure that I put "Tallboy" and the other competition in the rear view mirror on the trail.  Fortunately Superdraft is there for me every Wednesday making sure I put in 50+ during the dark months. that and a few rides in the fighter jet draft of Clyde's wheel and I should be ready.

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