Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Real Tall Boy Dishes Out the Watts

Who needs motorpacing when they have the infamous Clyde Watts on caffeine on their mid week training rides? It was a good thing back in January when Clyde had been off the bike for 3 weeks that I took advantage of  Clyde's lack of fitness to punish him on a few hills. It is likely the last time I will ever see Clyde in the rear view mirror again. It doesn't take long for an Iron Man to make the rest of us look like tin men. Here he is with Superdraft before the ride.

You lookin for a Tall Boy? Try to keep up Streak.
Clyde rode up heavily doped on caffeine and without his typical swim or 10 mile run before the ride. He was representing big time, now a sponsored athlete with All 3 Sports in ATL and ready to pull us to Monroe on his TT bike.

So the usual Wed ride, 50+ at 17-18? No chance. This was harder than the WBL. 3 times Clyde turned on the overdrive on long flat sections and just rode me off his wheel maintaining speeds in the upper 20s until I was crying for mercy. Who needs motorpacing? If I can stay on Clyde's wheel once a week until March 19th that other "Tall Boy" won't stand a chance in the next enduro race.