Thursday, January 20, 2011

Surviving the Winter

Last Saturday saw WBL#5 come and go without my antelope butt in the herd. I learned the week prior that although I may becoming a reasonably fit antelope, I am no cheetah. Cheetahs are quite comfortable in snow and ice. I think it may be the claws that help them get a grip in the ice:

Sprint line, where is sprint line, meow
Even though they canceled the sprints, the thought of spinning through patches of ice with 80 people in a double pace line, seemed, well, unwise.

Fortunately, Big RickO held an ice free ride out in Winterville. We carefully picked our way down the roads in blissful safety.
car left, slowing

I have also used this opportunity to bond with my trainer and finish season 2 of True Blood. I am sorry to give this away but Sookie Stackhouse survives the Maenad. I am also happy to report that season 3 has seemed to recapture the spirit of gratuitous nudity. As part of my fartlek training I now sprint for 30 seconds whenever a breast is revealed.

The roads have dried up nicely and yesterday, Superdraft, Clyde Watts and myself did 50+ prior to darting back to our offices to work an extra 4 hours and balance out a mindless universe that doesn't organize itself around cycling.  Fortunately, I have a mannequin that looks just like me that I can leave at my brick laying job and no one is the wiser. I program it to repeat common bricklaying phrases in case anyone walks by.

These bricks are heavy, oops right on my toe, no I'm not riding my bike lately

This Saturday the ice will be gone and the WBL will blast off again. 90 miles of pedal rotating with a 9 mile sprint zone. I can't wait.

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