Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Winter Sucks, A Frame Dies

Morning weight: 190

Great excitement this morning. I have been called a "Fatso" on the comments by Carol. Thanks Carol! Given that Carol is one of the all time nicest people you will every meet this is like someone else saying:

"My god what a lard ass, I want to vomit when I am on your wheel"

Jeffy has begun his assault on sveltitutde per a recent email, by eating chocolate. As a proper friend, I will abuse him thusly.

Jeffy you undisciplined slut, how do you expect to ride like the wind while gorging on sweets? You know that high zoot carbon madone might break if your ass gets any bigger. Some king of the herd you are.

Now for local news.

I heard from Jimmy at Sunshine Cycles that Marky's beautiful carbon Giant frame did not survive its run in with the Tarmac. There will be a graveside ceremony Friday to remember the good times and put ole Giant to rest. Marky, our thoughts are with you during this time of despair. My rusted Cannondale is at your service until you build a new bike.

Online: Briggs Carney, bard of the WBL has posted his ride report. I believe that Jeffey, Superdraft, and myself were vaguely referred to in the highlighted portion below:

Though the forecasted high for the first Saturday of the 2011 other season was a balmy 59 degrees, the mercury actually never topped a frosty 50 degrees. But despite the frosty clime and the gray clouds pressing down from above, spirits soared as both old timers and fledgling Zealots mixed and mingled in a carnival atmosphere.

And now for my morning bitch.
Winter sucks. Its cold and  you can't ride in the daylight after work. I spent 45 minutes on the trainer in the garage yesterday, a room I share with the catlitter. At least  I have found some free podcasted cycling workouts here. Its a good thing I'm not getting paid for my cycling dedication or it might not be so much fun.


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