Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Where'e The Beef?

I now have indisputable proof that all of those citizens who mock my need to be svelter are wrong and that the burning in my thighs when I climb is correct. Despite feeling that the little voice in my head that I define as me is about 9 and thus only 90 lbs and 4 ft 2, I am in fact as large as many fellows who play safety in the NFL. My indisputable proof is even photographic as I was getting my sweet new road shoes precisely fit with my professional bike fitter Grant and he took my picture.
Did someone mention beef?
At this point I assume most people are asking a series of questions such as, "my God is carbon fiber strong enough to hold up all that beef?" and "How does he get his head to turn all the way around like that?" and "Versus really wasted a free  Cervelo R3 with SRAM Red on a guy that heavy?" and "Is this guy totally lying about keeping up with the Cheetahs?" Grant kept trying to point out how well balanced I looked on the bike, but all I could see was enough beef to feed a third world country.

Yes that is a lot of beef to carry around a bicycle and explains my failure to ever make the break away group on Elder Mill Hill. But let's just put this in perspective, sure I'm a big guy, but its not just about size, I'm also middle aged, without any particular talent, and have a middling V02 max at best.  So I am riding on the only thing I possess in great abundance, angst. I ride on pure angst, the Woody Allen of the local Saturday morning peloton, except I can't make movies either.

But I'm willing to get out there. After my super duper pro fit yesterday I braved the chill for 90 minutes of what the Chief Cheetah calls  "pedal rotating." And today I coaxed Duncan out of hibernation for a mellow spin of the off road variety. The trail was mostly dry and it was pretty cool riding through snowy areas.
Here is an action shot Duncan took of me hurtling down the single track like a mad man on fire.
Yeehaw, I got this cycling device up to 8 miles per hour!
Local SORBA president Dave Conway has done an awesome job out at Heritage taking care of the trail, building bridges and creating a multi-user system. For you non off roaders SORBA is the Southern Off Road Biking Association and you can donate to it here. Anyway thanks for all of your hard work Dave, I appreciate you every ride.

Tomorrow is a super secret Cheetah ride at 12pm. Again unless you read this blog or click on the WBL web page, you would never know about this ride. This will be the final tune up before WBL#3 and the continuing Antelope Survival Challenge.


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