Thursday, December 30, 2010

One Crack Wednesday and How Cheetahs Pee

Yesterday I enjoyed the super secret pedal rotation fest with the Chief Cheetah. We had about 12  guys and the pace was perfect. I had a great ride except for, wait for it, one steep hill at around mile 45. Every so often the group hits a long hill hard and I just can't hang. This time I remembered young Sean's clever tactic from last Wednesday for hiding weakness. I came down with a stifling bout of hunger. I just could not hammer for one more second without slowing for a tantalizing morsel. Fortunately , the moment was caught by the secret camera man who has been following me for several months.

Hey guys, I'd pull you up this grade but I am just starving.
I would like to note as if it matters, that I was not the last one up the hill, and although the other guy was not really fit enough for the ride in the first place and wound up not finishing, I was at least 30lbs heavier than him. In case you wondered, MarkY Mark was riding and had no problem keeping up with the group up the hill. With his new pro-ride giant bike which has a seat mast instead of a seat post, MarkY just puts out a sail and the wind blows him down the road.

MarkY Mark's new Pro Bike with mast and sail
Actually Marky just gets up those hills because he's damn strong. And let's be clear, I may have gotten cracked, but it was an awfully steep hill. Like this.
Come Climb Me Little Antelope

And this thing kept biting my thighs the whole time.
Hmmm quad, yummy

An interesting thing about cheetahs and the Reverend Lenny that I have observed is that they never eat or drink. If they bring a bottle it is only one and that is just for show; they never take a sip.  They also never eat or  leave their bikes during a store stop. They do however, pee just like the rest of us. Have a loo here at these photos of different members of the peloton at the pee stop.

Antelope at 1 hour Pee Break

Cheetah Pees at 1 Hour Pee Break
So while there are many differences between the species, we both pee in a pretty similar manner. Anyway we finished about 65 miles mostly at 19.8 per big Matt's fancy new Garmin although I hoped MarkY's Cateye rate of 20.2 was closer.

In other news, I have updated the Antelope Survival Standings to reflect BenSee's participation in WBL #1 and I have given 2 points to Jeffey for epic bravery and survival of pain. Evidently he has been off the bike due to some surgery  but I hear he is on the mend. Heal up fast Jeffey.

Tomorrow is WBL#4, 80 miles of hammer in absolutely perfect weather. Who will survive? Who will come home with the pack? I'm ready to roll.

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