Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fat but Fit

Wednesday evening: Weight unknown. I had an unfortunate reading one morning that seemed to indicate I had gained one pound. I blame the Bethinator. She had a holiday thing and kept baking these loafs of pound cake and banana bread. then she goes and puts chocolate chips in the banana bread and sticks it in front of me right out of the oven. I think this was on purpose a plot to re-establish her climbing dominance over me when the Wed rides begin anew in the spring. It probably wouldn't have been so bad if I had just eaten that one loaf of banana bread with melted chocolate chips, but after that I was unbalanced in the sweet department. You know how it goes, you need to keep the sweet vs salt balance just right or your ship could list. So there I was unbalanced with sweet when someone brought some quesadillas and salsa to dip them into. This helped me with my balance but I wound up waddling out of there wishing I was bulimic.

Monday I hit the trainer which is now set up in my garage. My trainer shares the garage with 3 litter boxes and several dessicated furballs. Fortunately, with the extreme cold Fluffy, Mittens, and Lucifer's poops freeze immediately. The garage smells great. I have figured out that I can set up my laptop in front of the bike and have decided to get back into watching True Blood, which for some reason is a lot funnier when your spinning.

Tuesday I rested getting ready for Wednesday's mid week winter mega ride, with JoeF, aka Superdraft. And what a sweet it was. JimK joined us a the courthouse in the balmy 39degree weather but he didn't dress warm enough and so bailed out after 5 miles (or he was intimidated by the hammer we were putting down on New High Shoals hill! you decide!?). The 'draft and I rolled on knocking out 50 miles at 17.5mph with aplomb. I didn't have my blinky light on my bike, so 'draft was kind enough to ride behind me so all the cars could see us. The day was chilly but the wind was not too bad. Every so often little bits of frozen ice like cold particles of pollen pelted us. I felt good, I felt strong. I have a positive mental attitude and am focused on coming home with the pack on Saturday's WBL#3. This one is key because there is no ride the Sat of x-mas so I want to go into the holidays with a strong showing.

As often occurs when I go for long rides with Superdraft, I leave them a wiser, better informed, and more thoughtful cyclist. Among the important decisions I made for my life this afternoon was a revision to the point system for the Antelope WBL Survival Challenge. If you participate  here is how to get points.

4 points-- come home with the pack
3 points--complete entire route, but you get dropped before the end
2 points-- start with the pack and complete at least 60 miles
1 point-- start with the pack and complete at least 50 miles

I will post the standings soon. I hope to see more of the Antelope Herd out there but at the same time, I have to tell you, a lot of these people ride like assholes. Be focused and have good skills. I'm not sure if its because racer types are just so confident and comfortable that they don't worry or what.

In local news, the word on the grapevine is that Marky Mark is getting a new Giant frame at cost to replace the broken one from a crash in WBL#1. Gossip is it may even be an upgrade. Thanks to our cycling friends at Sunshine Cycles for taking care of Marky. We hear that Jeffey will be riding on Saturday and that the good folks at Oconee County Cycling  Organization are planning an epic metric century for next year that never leaves Oconee and is in the shape of a Lion.

That's all I got. Look out for some longish ride coming next week, will get them posted on AthensGABicycling.


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