Friday, December 24, 2010

A Cycling WonderLand

Its been a busy week what with pretending to work and readying the house for relatives and what was that other thing...Oh yes, riding my bicycle. Hee hee hee.

The Winter Wednesday WonderRide was awesome. Although several people are expressing astonishment at the idea of leaving work to put in 50+ during the winter we had triple our expected turnout (I only expected Superdraft and myself) . BenSee showed up before heading to NC for a parental sandwich, Ricko was there and we got to meet John and Sean, the father and son team. Sean has hit some kind of genetic lottery because not only is he a fine, 17 year old road racer and cross countrier, he also has more brains than a stuffed zombie after Thanksgiving.

Having recovered from Sunday's 21mph epic with the Cheetah pride and already having accomplished nearly 3 hours of day work (government job, its sweet) I was raring to ride. It was clear sunny but windy with gusts over 20. I must say, however, that I was in good form and broke a mighty wind at the front of the pack despite several helpings of pepto.  The pack wasn't sure if the draft was worth it.  John had evidently been spending way too much time in Thailand lately [work he says, right  (-; work ;-)] and the pace proved too much for him. It was a fairly mellow ride until we headed face first into the hurricane between Maxey's and Crawford, a 7 mile stretched now nicknamed the "wind tunnel of death."  BenSee and I figured if we wore down the little pipsqueack for 40 miles or so we could cook him for dinner on the BobGodfrey hills. Sean was too clever, though.  Half way up the first hill he came down with a sudden bout of hunger and had to slow mid hill to consume a cliff bar. So I would have beaten him up the hill but it didn't really count, cause, well, he was hungry. I plan on remembering this particular technique as I am often quite hungry. We were averaging 19.5 down Wolfskin but the hills and the long ups down Barnett Shoals brought us down 18.5 by the parking lot. A great ride and good to meet new friends and young pups who cycle.

Today, was the super secret X-mas eve pedal fest, known only to those special few who click on the WBL website. Anyone else, well they would never know so, shhhhh. I arrived ready to rock, determined to get over my parking lot intimidation and practice my new Roadie conversation skills. I have been sprinkling my conversations with Italian and French terms like Mocha Cafe Latte, Gruppeto, Gruppo, and Geppetto. We wound up having one of those super mellow rides I had heard from Reverend Lenny happen from time to time. Typically, an antelope can expect treatment like this on a Cheetah ride.
MMM love cracking antelope!

Today though we cruised at peaceful sub 18mph pace enjoying the sunshine and the mild weather. We even took extra pee breaks and a store stop. The Cheetahs were filled with the x-mas spirit,
What a cute little Antelope, let's not crack him today

Given the Christmas spirit that had infected the cheetahs, I took this opportunity to question the Cheetah King regarding the strange language that Cheetah's speak

Now OTB means "On the barrel" which means we will do exactly  a specific distance. Boonen is this guy named Bill, who has gone into semi-retirement after outsprinting me last summer. Now "window open" means....

 I don't want to give all the secret knowledge away in case I might need it later. But it was a great, mellow ride and now its time to wait for old St. Nick to visit tonight.  Have a great Christmas!

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