Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brain Food

Thankfully after a chilly 30 mile ride yesterday and a lot of broccoli my weight was back down to 190.

I know you're not supposed to weigh every day, but I think it is motivating. If I fluctuate down, hey its a great day and I can eat well to keep up the trend. If I fluctuate up then I need to up my discipline.

Fortunately, MHW (My Hot Wife) has decided we need to go on the "brain food" diet. I believe she made this decision after I told her that I would be riding 70 miles plus with experienced cyclists every Saturday morning regardless of the weather. I am sorry to say that Count Chocula and peanut butter are not on the list of brain foods. This may explain a number of things about my life given that those were a large part of my diet for the past 40 years. It may take awhile for the brain foods to start affecting me as yesterday, despite my tougher friends declining, I hit the rode in the afternoon for a road ride.

I am convinced that the key to winter fitness is getting a long ride in on Wednesdays. I wish I could do more but it's hard enough with that pesky "day job" thing that keeps wanting to command my attention. As soon as I could get away, I dashed home and began dressing for 38 degree high temperatures. MHW had bought me a fleece baclava which I thought it was time to try out.

Eat me, I am brain food

I mean balaclava
Where is my Cervelo?

I also wore my fleecy new Pearl Izumi tights that I got for half off on a bike shop sale. I just love sales. So I was pretty warm through most of the ride except for my hands and feet which got a bit chilly.

I put in 31 miles at just over 18mph. Less than 1/2 of what Saturday's ride will be. Had to get in before darkness and 5 o'clock traffic which makes me nervous. It was a hard ride. Its always a hard ride when I am alone and ride longer than an hour. I listen to music to try and keep my brain occupied but its just not enough. Some people like to meditate and be alone with their thoughts. They must have better thoughts than me.  Frankly I just as soon not be alone in my head for this lifetime.

If it wasn't for my brain, I probably could have lived a much more normal and fulfilling life. As a teen it was particularly problematic:

Maybe that is why my wife decided we need to eat more brain food. This guy looks pretty fit.

Must leave work, ride bike


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