Thursday, December 16, 2010

Antelope Survival Standings Are Up: Reverend Lenny Leads!

The Antelope Survival Standings  are up! Just click on the top of the page to see who is surviving, Using the new point system. Lenny is in the lead. He garnered 3 points by starting with pack in WBL1 and completing over 60 miles. In WBL#2 Lenny started with the pack and actually came home just in front of them taking a day long pull in the SAG vehicle. Steveke (Russian for Antelope Athens) is in second with a home with the pack on WBL1 and a 50+ WBL2.

Superdraft is hanging tough. He did the 60+ with Lenny in WBL1 and then did 50+ on WBL2. Wait a minute you say? Why did Superdraft get 2 points if he only did 50 miles? Well Superdraft was dropped a bit early but instead of heading for home and the TV he made sure to finish 50+ alone in the wind. Dude gets 2 points.

We are expecting Marky, Jeffey, and Bengee to make some major showings through the winter.

What about you? Maybe you are an antelope but are not interested in the WBL but you are laying down epic winter rides each weekend! Since WBL is about the spirit of toughness and dedication, the challenge is open to riders who do alternative rides. Just post in the comments or email me at with a description of your ride and a nickname you would like to use. Each week send your epic rides and I will post your points.

Ride hard.

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