Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Week's Worth of Antelope

In today's report we will catch up on the latest news in Antelope World. But first, I'm sure you are wondering, what happened on Stage 6 of the Fall Classic?

And I'm thinking you are wondering this because you looked out the window and saw the first rainy, cold (well it was under 65) day of fall and thought, "nah,  no way they are riding in the rain."

In fact, more than 120 riders donned arm warmers and knobby tires to contest the elements. What's more, after the amazing press the Antelope Herd has gotten in the Oconee Enterprise  dozens of tifosi turned out to cheer the leaders as they crested Elder Mill Hill.
Viva l'Antelope!

Or perhaps that was Paris-Roubaix.

So yes, the ride was canceled and almost no one showed up except for 3 intrepid souls (I was there, but not with my bike so I wasn't intrepid and don't count). BenS, TonyG, and Kathleen were ready to ride. Not only was Kathleen ready to ride but SHE RODE HER BIKE TO THE COURTHOUSE IN THE RAIN!

Can I have some points distributed please?

Yes, the rest of my body is just behind this wall.

With this act of cycling determination, Kathleen is now 3 points ahead of Bethany and 4 points ahead of Val for the queen of the herd distinction.

On to other news.

Last Saturday a small group of Antelopes completed another version of the "Yount Heritage Training Ride" out to Maxey's. This combination training and sight seeing ride included several important area landmarks including the settlement off of Macedonia where Jonas Yount fought of the Indians (aka Native Americans) in 1817 to establish the first pioneer settlement on the Oconee river.  We also visited the site of the famous duel between Samuel Yount and Eldridge Joice over the famed beauty Hildegarde Slote.

We were all entranced by the beauty of the country when a second group of cyclists came whizzing by (without the urinating) and I was confronted with...sheer elegance.

On 'yer left!

A number of thoughts come to mind as I recall this day. First, yes I did feel obligated to take out my phone and capture this image and share it on the internet for all posterity to experience. Had I not, this moment of sheer elegance could have been forgotten and never appreciated by anyone but me. Feel free to thank me in the comments section below. You know, some people go their entire life without finding their true calling in life; I may have found mine.

My second thought is although this person was not in our riding group but some half naked stranger passing us in the country, I actually have a pretty good idea of who it is. Should I "out" this person? Do I have an ethical or moral obligation to preserve this special trust, this communication that only the two of us shared? On the other hand, do I have an ethical obligation to identify this person in order to facilitate a world where we can all ride without the specter of vertical smiles in the paceline? Then again I could "out" this person, just because I am petty ....

Yes! My butt crack made the internet!!!
I also feel it is my moral duty to share methods of prevention for displaying sheer elegance on the bike. Since I no longer have any friends after starting this blog I can't ask anyone if my butt is showing thorough my shorts. So, below I demonstrate my preferred method for Lycra examination.

This would be a lot easier with friends

Please feel free to share your own Lycra monitoring techniques in the comments section.

On another note, the Antelope Herd is famous! For those 2 or 3 folks out there who have not yet picked up last week's edition of the Oconee Enterprise  (what's wrong with you people anyway?), there are two articles about cycling including a raw expose on the Antelope Fall Classic. If you recall, intrepid (the word of the day) sports and lifestyle reporter EriK commissioned the Oconee Enterprise helicopter to cover Stage 4 of the classic. Here is the headline from page B10.

Finally! the respect we deserve, Antelopes, riding like the wind! But wait.

Alright, so maybe we're not riding quite like the wind. But check us out in a whole half page write up. Hopefully this will garner positive sentiment in Oconee and we won't be reading about a Wednesday group in Oconee hunting antelopes next week....

Fall is here and the riding is bountiful and windy. This Saturday some Antelopes will be heading to Pedal for Paws but there will still be a group leaving from the courthouse in 8 AM. Be prepared for temps in the 50s.

Bike Hard

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