Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bikin' for the bling, it's a herd thing

Tomorrow will be stage 3 of the Antelope Fall Classic. Some people may be thinking, well, I missed the first two stages so there's no way I'm gonna get enough points to win. Maybe I just should skip it all.

Well that's just wrong.

I'm afraid that this kind of wrong headed thinking requires public humiliation.
I said I wasn't coming to ride and they made me wear this

First of all, points are wondrous things that can appear and disappear as if by magic. Now its true, unless you are awesomely fit you probably aren't going to win the competition outright. But that's true for about 98% of the riders. What we can all win, however, in addition to comraderie, tons of fun, and great stories is some coveted Antelope bling. In last spring's Antelope World Cup, the bling ran deep. Sure Spinmaster got the trophy

With this trophy, my palmares are complete!


but like in little league there was bling for everyone!

Authentic Antelope Herd Commemorative Medallion

Will you have enough points after Stage 8? How many points will it take for one of the podium attendants to wrap one of these babies around your neck? You'll have to come out and ride to find out.

see you tomorrow.


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  1. Mr. Anonymous, all I got to say is bring it!!! me and you can go to Helen mountains, with a Brasstown Bald delight climb, and back to athens, no driving, are you in???, Royston Crew???- Nick The Rocket Arroyo xoxoxo (I'm anonymous, too, LOL)