Sunday, August 22, 2010

Spinning in the rain: The Saturday morning ride

In the words of snoopy,

except, it was morning. Saturday-cool, muggy, and threatening rain. The perfect morning to get in some long miles. The usual suspects had gathered. Let me introduce you. There was Tony and Bruce (aka ...the Aviator) who of course rode his bike in from home this morning 900 miles away.

Bruce, "It looks like rain, I better keep it under 1200 miles

Though you may recognize Tony from previous posts that more fully demonstrated is nature:

Hi guys, I'm just back from saving baby seals. Now I'm going to crack you like eggs bitches!

Of course Lenny, our spiritual leader, course setter, and source of pick up lines was ready to go.

You know if you're top tube is aero enough you don't have to pay for a vasectomy

Chris W showed up as we pulled out so I didn't get his picture. Rounding out the group was Joefo and Tom B

They swore at the Hub that this kit would add 1.5mph on the hills

You can't see Tom too well. The camera kept trying to jump away. We love Tom, but, well , this is kind of sad story. You can see Tom is going sleeveless. This happens to many inexperienced riders who begin to get fit and explore the world of endurance. Without proper socialization they may be vulnerable to the dark side. Yes I'm afraid, that Tom is planning on doing ............a triathlon. Before we know it, he'll show up with aeobars and drink from a straw. He may even wear one of those....outfits
Feel the power, of the dark side

We can only hope to set a good example for Tom so he focuses on psychologically healthy pursuits, mainly road cycling, mountain biking, and the occasional commuting. Remember, friends don't let friends run after a bike ride (or swim before one). Help them understand that all of that energy could have been used to ride more.

So in the spirit of mentorship, I introduced Tom to my ass,

Is that you Steve?

Yes, I am proud to share a real picture of my new friend. If you are riding down Colham Ferry towards Lake Oconee, don't forget to pet my ass. It gets lonely out there with just the grass.  He was happy to see me and we continued our bonding.

You've got to admit, I have a sweet little ass. 

But the real story of the ride was the weather. Dark and stormy as we spun through the hills and dales of Morgan county seeking the great oasis of Fairplay Georgia.

We almost stopped in Madison due to lightning and thunder, but the Aviator got a far away look in his one good eye and pronounced, "The road is wet but my chamois is dry. I will ride on." Well, what could we do but follow? Boldly spinning on, our heads held high, eyes squinting against the rooster tail of the wheel in front. Then suddenly the weather broke

and we flew up the Price Mill hills like mountain goats.An awesome day, an awesome ride. 

I hope you got some miles in this weekend because the Antelope Fall Classic is only 3 days away. Tomorrow and Tuesday I will post all the details, including the all new "Are You and Antelope?" Online quiz.



  1. Hey Steve -- just now had a chance to check out your, I mean, Mr. Antelope's blog. Fun and informative, with information and insight the community needs! Keep up the good work! Bruce

  2. I was unaware that my sleeveless T's automatically designated me to the dark side... I just like a full arm tan, but I guess these tendencies go hand in hand with my other bad habits like running and swimming. Don't get me wrong I'm a biker through and through, I guess I'm just tri-curious.

  3. Tri-curious???
    That's it. You aren't allowed on my rear wheel anymore.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Oh that is just so Tri-phobic! I thought everyone would be supportive of me exploring other cardio-lifestyles.