Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pre-Fall Classic Road Report- Taking the blog for a spin

Antelope Athens proudly presents a first image laden blog post. I was going to post some pictures I took from Wednesday's ride but I can't find them on my computer. So I will have to make do with some replacement images.Here are some images of the fiercely training Athens Antelopes tuning up on the race course in preparation for the August 25 start of the series:

The Beast was feeling particularly angry after Lenny let out all the air in his tires
Still no sign of George Selgin on Wednesdays. Here he is in action

Jeff Young's new Madonne!

Most of us felt that Duncan's beard was beginning to affect his aerodynamic profile

Sure Tony seems friendly but he'll tear your heart out (and his own) to win the Bishop sprint

As usual a skinny guy showed up to see if this Wednesday ride thing was for real. Scary power to weight ratio:

I climb just like Alberto and Andy!

Wait! This just in. Pictures can be found in the MyPictures folder. Here we are getting ready to ride.

 While we waited for Mr. Capobianco to pump up his tires we had a near consensus on the official car of the Antelope Classic. As chronicler, I believe I get to borrow it one Saturday night per month:
The Porsche Antelopster, getting older men laid for over 60 years!

And we were off, on another hot summer's day evening ride. In preparation for my job as Antelope Fall Classic ride chronicler, I attempted to take pictures with my phone after a 16mph pull lasting a monstrous 90 seconds (saving myself for the sprints of course) but I dropped it. Not sure how BikeSnobNYC takes all of those pictures riding around NYC. This being a pre-classic ride, I have no idea who won the sprints other than to say it sure wasn't me As you can see by this recent image, I am out of shape.

I will beat Bethany Goldman up Elder Mill Hill  even if I  have to put a motor in my seat tube


The major excitement of the day was the spontaneous disintegration of Beast's single speed on the Bishop sprint. Evidently attaining RPMs in excess of  185 per minute exceeded the tolerance of a titanium bike to keep itself together. Note before the ride that Troy's bike was clearly in one piece.
Says the bike:"Please, help, I can't take it anymore.  I've got to have a derailleur."

By the end of the ride, Mr. Litespeed wasn't so happy. I was too tired to take an actual picture, so imagine the last 200 meters of the sprint, speeds up just over 30mph, and Troy's seat breaks off the post and comes flying at me. These images may help.
Sprint line, sprint line, pedal, ped

"A derailleur all I wanted was a derailleur"

And so you have it. Don't forget, the series starts the 25th but we ride every week!


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