Sunday, August 29, 2010

Non cydling (mostly) post: My awesome son

As my complement of nearly 14 facebook friends all seemed to know, last Wednesday was my birthday. And as my new driver's license photo below demonstrates, I don't look too bad for a guy of 68 but I just can't get away with pretending I'm a 30-something graduate student with college co-eds anymore.

If you see this man, approach with caution, do not attempt to apprehend, he is old and cannot ride a bike very fast.

Anyway, the point is it was my birthday. It was a working day and a Wednesday and the first stage of the Antelope Fall Classic so I didn't have any other plans. Of course the ride was awesome and a nice ride with great people is always the best present I can think of though a new bike wouldn't suck. Spinmaster Shiver even gifted me with a third place on the Elder Mill Sprint. When I came home after the ride that night, however,  I got the real highlight of my birthday-- I have an awesome son.

Probably if you have ever spent any time with me (over 3 minutes)  you know I have a son and he is pretty awesome. He's 21, tall, blue eyes, DIY haute couture, highly intelligent, electric guitar playing, listens to cool bands,  kind to small animals, and has a great idea for an all night Chinese buffet downtown (any venture capitalists out there?). He looks exactly like this:

Hi, I am Nick, most of my good genetics come from my Mom

Sometimes, he looks more like this:

I did get the red sideburns from Dad though.

Now because I didn't get home from the fall classic until after 8PM and Nick has a busy life, I didn't get to see him in person, but I got what I am going to call "the love." First of all, although my parents did remember that I had been born that day about 58 years ago, my favorite present by far was from the young'un:

No, no, not the leather coasters, the super cool time trialist sculpture! Sweet. I love my new sculpture and am still trying to decide which office to keep it at or to just leave it right there in the living room. Clearly a thoughtful gift and I know many of you are thinking what a thoughtful son Steve has. Its kind of like how people feel when they hear an asshole won the lottery. But that's not all, he is not only thoughtful but also funny and practical. My birthday bounty was not over that night. Coming home from the ride, I was pretty much starved and it being my birthday I figured no salad tonight, I was going to gorge on cereal with a spoonful of peanut butter. But wait, what did my awesome son leave me?

Why is this night different from other nights? On this night the son feeds the father.

Oh yeh, baby, deep fried poultry goodness. 45 seconds in the microwave and that sandwich was getting in my belly. Of course a chick fil a being on the salty side of the sugar-salt food balance, I was going to need something sweet. Something from the publix bakery in the fridge caught my eye. Could it be? I approached with great reverence:

Using my powers of deduction which had been  honed over nearly a decade of higher education, I decided, "hey its my birthday today, this must be for me." But just to make sure, I opened the card.

"I got yr canoli right here   -Nick"

Did I mention that he has a great sense of humor? I'm not sure where he gets it from, but the kid cracks me up. Sure enough, Nick had my canoli right there:

Canoli. Sigh. Please click here as you gaze at the canoli.

Like most of life's more intense pleasures it is important to try and eat your canoli slowly and with reverence. With great patience and discipline, nearly 90 seconds later, the canoli and I were one.

Sated, sleepy and ready for bed it had been a nearly perfect evening. But there was one more present. This one was from my "other son" who I must admit, I don't like as much Nick. Nonetheless he left me a present on my birthday too.

No doubt it came from somewhere special inside Mr. Kitty and represented the depth of his feelings for me.


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