Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Fall Classic Prologue- Taking it like a mamil

As Tony noted last week, it is possible that some cyclists in the Antelope Herd are possibly a species known as “MAMILs:" Middle Age Men in Lycra. Here is a link to the article from the UK:

Evidently some men are buying carbon superbikes instead of sports cars and doing silly things like town line sprints (pretending to be Mark Cavendish) and going to the mountains to conquer classic climbs (Hogpen anyone?).  Hmmm, now I can only think of one guy on a carbon superbike but I won’t make fun of him today because, he’s extremely strong and I need his wheel on the Elder Mill sprint zone. This is kind of what he looks like though:

Gianni Spaghetti layered the tubes on my carbon superbike by hand!

 Interestingly, according to the author of Mamil article, whereas Antelopes spin in thundering  herds (with great dignity I might add), Mamils spin in “girths”


 But let’s talk about Wednesday’s final tune up for the Fall Classic. The excitement was palpable and I counted just under 85 riders (or maybe 15, I actually didn’t count) in the parking lot.   There was a lot of trash talking before the ride. Tony was feeling pretty fit:

Hi guys, I'm just back from saving baby seals. Now I'm going to crack you like eggs bitches!
 Checking out the parking lot, I was certain that we were not in any way a “girth” of “mamils.”

Nope, no girth here.

 I mean those guys don't look much over 30...ish and you just don't find tushie like this on your typical middle age man:

Anyway, it was a great ride. JoeFo (aka “Superdraft”) and I cleverly positioned ourselves at the front and kept the pace humane for the first 12 miles. This may well be the answer to our safety issues on Colham Ferry next week as it kept the herd quiet and orderly amongst the traffic. As usual, Elder Mill Hill hurt and Joefo and I had a contest to see who could pant the loudest while Beast, new fast guy Ben, and I’m sure Mark receded in the distance towards the sprint line. I don’t really know who won because I was busy breathing and trying not to vomit.  

The Bishop sprint was filled with drama as “Triceps Guy”, Beast, and Lenny decided to play chicken with an oncoming car in the last 50 meters (watch that yellow line guys!). If there is a near crash, a panic, or shouting you can be sure Lenny is in the middle of it.

And then that guy f*%ing tried to kill me!
Tony seeing the confusion took charge and blew by the group, taking the win.
Just like an egg, heh heh
Next week its for real.  Tell your friends and clear your calendar. The Antelope Fall Classic is coming to the town!


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