Monday, July 26, 2010

Antelope Athens Lives!

Welcome to the maiden post of Antelope Athens, a blog dedicated to chronicling the exploits of middle age cyclists in Athens, Ga. Never has there been a subject matter more deserving of attention as on a regular basis there are dozens of serious though mediocre part-time athletes contesting the country roads and single track track trails of Athens, Ga and surrounding areas. Many (well at least a couple of people) know of the elite road scene in Athens, roadies hammering on shop rides and the Winter Bike League. But what about those left behind in the sprint zone or maybe even before the sprint zone on that steep hill that people really shouldn't be able to ride up at 17mph except that they are 20 years old, 140lbs, or started riding centuries when they were 8? Will their exploits be rendered invisible by the imperial gaze of a media held in thrall by talent and ability? Do the serious and mediocre not sweat and suffer like skinny people who ride fast?

There is a voice, warbling through the pace line, in a tone redolent of the red zone, a panting desparate wheeze that will not lose that wheel, will not be cracked, and will not be silenced.

It is the antelope.


  1. this is going to be a scream, SK! *:D

  2. I want to start an Antelope Athens Macon Edition